Revere’s Guide to Great Grilling

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer – and the official start of grilling season. As temperatures warm up and the sun sets a little later, it’s time to fire up your grill. Whether you’re just getting started or a self proclaimed grillmaster, we have some tips to get you grilling like a … Read More

Locally Sourced: What Does That REALLY Mean?

From food labels to menu item descriptions, the words “locally sourced” seem to be popping up more and more. Consumers see these words, value them, and even sometimes pay a premium for them, but their true meaning is sometimes forgotten. Restaurateurs, grocery stores, and customers use the term to describe or label food products that … Read More

Market Report for February 2019

BEEF 2019 is starting off with great demand overall and optimism everywhere.  The real driver of the stronger market pricing in January has been the severe winter weather.  Winter weather prevents slaughterhouses from running normal business and also has a negative impact on the performance of cattle.  While there are plenty of cattle in the … Read More

Market Report for August 2018

BEEF August demand has proven to be much better than expected with the rib complex showing the most promise as summer comes to an end. The rib almost always comes down in price after Labor Day, but it is definitely in better shape this year. While we expect a dip, we don’t think it will … Read More

Employee Number One – Jerry Johnson, Warehouse Manager

When we opened our doors back in 2014 we knew that to be successful we needed three things: hard work, a bit of luck and Jerry Johnson. Jerry is the heart and soul of Revere. He manages the ebb and flow of our warehouse facility including shipping, receiving and transportation. He brings passion to work every day and … Read More

Market Report for June 2018

BEEF Beef prices have likely peaked for the spring and should slide lower into summer as supplies of market ready cattle grow. The total number of cattle in feedlots was up over 5% on May 1st from 2017 levels. Weather across the country has played a large part in preventing beef prices from moving higher this … Read More