Jacksonville Welcomes Revere Meat Co.

August 21, 2021
By: Shawn Eakin

The Jacksonville metropolitan area and beaches can now access protein distribution from Revere Meat Co. 

The top quality food supplier opened in Jacksonville this April. “Jacksonville is a great location with a very diverse restaurant scene,” said Will Eipper, who has worked on the Revere sales team for six years. “North Florida is a great location and is growing very fast.” 

Chefs and restaurants in the area can expect the finest quality meats and seafoods from Revere Meat Co. The company is known to source exquisite foods such as beef, seafood, lamb, pork, veal, chicken and other game animals. “We are the only beef supplier that still hand cuts all of the product out of our shop,” added Eipper. 

The company will not sell its products directly to consumers.
However, Revere has already proudly partnered with Jacksonville hotspots The Cowford Chophouse and Southern Provisions. 

Will Revere, a partner at Revere Meat Co., took to Instagram to express his excitement. “Today is a special day… I have poured blood, sweat and tears into Revere Meat Co.,” said Revere. “Today is the first day we bring Revere back to my hometown of Jacksonville.” 

What’s next for Revere? They hope to open in Charlotte, which would allow them to cover the entire east coast. 

Revere Meat Co. is located at 5400 Longleaf St. in Jacksonville, Florida. To place an order call (904)482-7566.